6 Male Actors Who Sang Their Disney Channel Show’s Theme Song

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In order to be a Disney Channel star, it’s basically required that you can act AND belt out a tune. Or, ya know, at least fake it. Some ~musicians~ are obviously better than others (slayyyyy, Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas), but, for the most part, actors and actresses get an equal shot to become a famous singer from Mickey Mouse. Where does that opportunity usually starts? On their own television show!

Chances are, you’ve gotten a Disney series theme song stuck in your head in the past. Small-screen hits like Austin & Ally, Hannah Montana and even Kim Possible started with tunes that were so catchy, due largely to the person that was singing them! While some singers crooned a DC show’s theme song even though they were not a part of the series (like how Selena Gomez sang the Shake It Up tune), others got a chance to be involved in both!