11 Male Actor Best Friends Who Can’t Stop Making Movies Together

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What do you call male actors who can’t get enough of each other? Bros, duh! There are a lot of bromances that happen in Hollywood, but not many guys can say that they work with their best friend on screen all the time. Sure there are celeb duos who met while on the set of a YA movie and there are some stars that have been best friends their whole lives, but we’re majorly geeking out over the stars that can’t stop acting together.

Although you don’t have to be hot to be famous, it seems like all of the movie besties who constantly film movies together are pretty good looking. Take Zac Efron and Dave Franco for example, they are SO sexy and they have been in three movies together so far in their careers. To see if you’ve seen all their epic films and to discover what other famous studs have made a living starring on the big screen together check out our gallery below.