17 Makeup Products Every Movie Fangirl Will Obsess Over

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Remember when you were little, and a new movie that you were super excited about would be coming out to theaters soon, so you would beg your parents to take you to McDonald’s and get a Happy Meal so you could get the promotional toy for the movie? Okay, maybe it didn’t go exactly like that, but you know what I mean. Buying promotional toys or products for a movie helped turn me into who I am today: someone who shamelessly loves movie product tie-ins. Now that I’m older, though, going to a fast food restaurant to get a toy seems a little… silly. But what doesn’t seem silly to me, as a grown “woman” (that wording is questionable), is makeup. So the logical thing to do would be for movies to make makeup inspired by movies, right? RIGHT.

Luckily, there have been a LOT of makeup collections inspired by movies, but it seems like there has been even more of an increase over the past few years. I’m not complaining, since all I want is to wear a makeup look inspired by The Hunger Games or Cinderella. Obviously, a lot of these makeup collections are limited edition and are only available when the movie is out, but some of them you can still find on the depths of the Internet (like Amazon), or you can just recreate the ~iconic~ looks with other products. So if you love movies (don’t we all?) check out these iconic movie-inspired makeup products:

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