12 DIY Makeup Storage Hacks That’ll Make You More Organized Than Ever

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While some people only have a few makeup items that are easy to store, others (no shade here!!) have a littttttle more than the bare minimum and need some help with their organization game. YouTube beauty gurus like Jaclyn Hill, Gigi Gorgeous and Patrick Starr all have rooms dedicated to storing their products, but let’s be real — regular people like us don’t have the luxury to be like, ‘Hey mom, can I take over the guest room to put my eyeliners and lipsticks?’

But even though you may not have the space, time, or money to organize your makeup like those you see online, you do have the means to take part in some DIY projects that’ll get you organized AF!

1. Use hot glue to join empty candles and you have a cute, affordable way to store lipsticks, eyeliners, etc.:

2. Lipstick organizers are super useful, but can be pretty expensive! Make your own buy gluing pierces of cardboard inside of a shoe box:

3. Using that same technique, here’s how you can make larger drawer organizers:



4. If you’ve ever been to Sephora, you know this is basically how they put their makeup brushes on display. Spoiler alert: it’s not hard to do at all!

5. Don’t have empty bowls or glasses hangin’ around? Do the same thing with plastic bottles!

6. Sometimes makeup is SO pretty that you can’t even imagine hiding it away in a drawer. Here’s how you can make a display stand for all your gorg products:

7. We know this DIY makeup palette looks complicated, but if you follow the steps and have a little patience, you’ll have the perfect travel case in no time!

8. Attach magnets to your fave makeup products and stick ’em to a magnetic board. Not only will this free up space in your drawers, but it’ll also give you easy access to the things you use every day:

9. Have an over-the-door shoe organizer that you don’t use anymore? Bust that bad boy out and use it for makeup storage!

10. Simple labels are all you need to make your life so much easier:

11. No, that’s not a cotton pad dispenser someone bought at Target — it’s a re-purposed Pringles can!!! SO SMART!

12. Speaking of things you can buy at Target — check out this three-drawer chest you can make with nothing but shoe boxes, glue and scissors:

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