14 Makeup Looks that’ll Make Your Green Eyes Pop like You Never Thought Poss

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Girls with brown eyes already got tips on how to make their eyes stand out, blue-eyed girls are set with eyeshadow basics, but something is still missing; Oh yeah — what about makeup ideas for everyone with GORGEOUS green eyes?! Don’t worry, y’all — we didn’t forget about you!

Here are the best makeup looks, tutorials, and step-by-step guides that’ll make your green eyes pop like you never thought possible

1. A smokey cat eye is EVERYTHING on green eyes:

The Berry

The Berry

2. Look how piercing those peepers are!

3. Like with brown eyes, purple tones make green eyes pop:

4. Warm shadows are green-eyed girls’ best friends:

5. Using pink might be a little scary, but we promise it’ll look great!

6. DO NOT be afraid of sparkle!

7. Gray is also a great color for girls with green eyes.


9. Remember how we said purples are great for making green eyes pop? Here’s further proof:

10. Be a bit daring and pull out brick shades, too!

11. If you have Urban Decay’s Naked palette, this is the look for you:



12. Copper shadow will really make green eyes shine.

13. Green on green is great, too!

My Makeup Ideas

My Makeup Ideas

14. Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui ALWAYS makes her green eyes pop — here’s how:

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