14 Beauty Products You Forgot You Used to Be Obsessed With

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If you were to ask around, I think most people would agree that we are in good shape when it comes to the beauty products available on the market today. Makeup, and being obsessed with it, is in right now, so we’ve pretty much got it all: shiny holographic makeup, Harry Potter-inspired makeup, makeup that looks like food for no reason other than, well, it can. But here’s the thing: No makeup you have now will ever be quite as good as the makeup you had in elementary school.

Now, as is the case with a lot of people, I technically wasn’t allowed to wear makeup until I was in high school, so my elementary school makeup collection was pretty limited. Exceptions would made every now and then, however, if I had a violin recital or special family dinner or just happened to sneak some tubes of lip gloss and mascara into my backpack on the way to school, so I definitely knew what I liked.
In fact, I’m sure a lot of the stuff I liked is similar to the stuff you liked back in the day, too — you just haven’t really thought of them up until, like, right now. But that is about to change! If you’re emotionally prepared to feel a lot of nostalgia, check out these beauty products you totally forgot you used to be obsessed with:

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