Web Star Calls Kesha’s Rape Claim a Lie, But She’s a Sexual Assault Victim, Too

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Since a judge ruled that Kesha can’t get out of her contract to work with the man who raped her, countless friends, fans and fellow celebrities have spoken out in her defense… except for one.

Maggie Lindemann, Carter Reynolds’ ex-girlfriend who he attempted to rape, is under severe fire after calling the “TiK ToK” singer a liar for saying she was sexually assaulted. Although the 17 year old’s tweets have since been deleted, the proof of her shocking opinion is still available on the Internet.

Shortly after Maggie said that Kesha has been crying wolf, fellow social media queen Madison Beer jumped in to explain the importance of believing victims who come forward.

Maggie knew she was being indirected by her once-friend, so she apparently texted Madison to confront her. The singer then gave her exactly what she wanted — a screenshot of the note with her Twitter name tagged. Justin Bieber’s protege then deleted the tweet, however, because she didn’t want to give Maggie “free promo.”

After briefly making her Twitter account private to presumably hide from the onslaught of hate she was receiving, Maggie came back onto social media to apologize for her words.

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