Maggie Lindemann Gets Into Fight with Instagram Model Over Her Rapist Ex

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We haven’t heard the names Carter Reynolds and Maggie Lindemann associated with each other in a while. In case you forgot, the 21-year-old Vine star dated the teenager back in the day and tried to force her to perform oral sex even though she repeatedly said no. The “Pretty Girl” singer eventually moved on with YouTuber Brennen Taylor and the attempted rapist started dating Instagram model Demi Plaras at the end of 2016. Everything seemed fine between all parties for quite some time, but then last night happened and sh*t hit the fan.

The drama started when the 21-year-old allegedly liked a nasty comment about the 18-year-old on Instagram. Maggie saw this, and called her ex’s new bae out for shading her just because she’s still close to Carter.

Demi couldn’t just let this one go and decided to reply with her own passive aggressive remarks.

She wrote, “If anyone knows me I am the least problematic person out there. It’s sad that you had to resort to social media to confront such a small issue when it could [have] been [dealt with] privately. There will always be tension between us simply by the fact that you are Carter’s ex. However, I would’ve expected you to keep it somewhat civil. Plus, trying to make me look jealous is a very low move of you when we both know how you reacted to the news of Carter and I dating. Moving on, I will be the bigger person and not attack you in anyway. I apologize for liking that comment, it was nothing personal. See you around honey.”

AND THEN MAGGIE FIRED BACK: “Since she wanna come comment on a private account and try me once more, HELLO!!! @demiplaras you continue to dig yourself deeper and deeper. I could say some shit but I won’t hurt you like that. You act innocent like you haven’t been liking multiple comments that are degrading me. If you didn’t want it on social media, you wouldn’t have done that. You are the literal most problematic person and all you have brought to L.A. with you is issues. You fight and lie and start sh*t with everyone. Don’t start that, see u in L.A., and nice one trying to call me “honey,” find ur own word.”

Is this drama really necessary, guys? And all because of the d-bag that is Carter freakin’ Reynolds, nonetheless? BLECK!

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