Why People Think One of These YouTube Stars Has a Famous New Bae

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You know how the phrase goes — “pics or it didn’t happen.” In the latest case of Internet-star dating rumors, Maggie Lindemann provided the photo, so it looks like something really is happening.

The 18-year-old singer and social media queen who previously dated Viner Carter Reynolds has been spending a lot of time with YouTube comedian Brennen Taylor recently, both documenting their hangouts on Snapchat quite frequently. While whispers of ‘are they a couple?’ were circulating online since they started to chill, it wasn’t until the brunette beauty posted a picture kissing the 21-year-old’s cheek with the caption, “I want you all to myself because I’m selfish,” on Instagram, sparking rumors that they are more than just friends.

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The news of Maggie and Brennen’s rumored relationship comes just over three months after the “Pretty Girl” crooner came out as bisexual, telling her fans, “Pretty much, I have liked girls my entire life since I was like five. I’ve always just looked at girls like anyone looks at boys.” People initially thought she was saying she was lesbian, but she later clarified that “still [likes] guys, too.”

Maggie was half of one of the biggest Internet-star feuds that happened last year: