Teen Social Media Star Checked into a Mental Institution & No One Knew ’til Now

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Maggie Lindemann‘s had a rough go at life. When she was 16, an NSFW video leaked of her and her now-ex-boyfriend, Viner Carter Reynolds — one in which he tried to force her to perform oral sex on him. Things are a little better now that she’s dating YouTuber Brennen Taylor (though, he’s proven to be a bit problematic, too — just not as problematic as Carter).

Relationships aside, the rising singer still faces her share of struggles. In a new video (via Nylon), the 18-year-old “Pretty Girl” crooner, who achieved fame as an Instagram and Vine personality, admits, for the first time ever, that she’s been battling bipolar disorder — she even checked into a mental institution because of it.

“I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when I was about 16,” she confesses. “When I was in this institution, they showed us a YouTube video every morning starting… not, like, right when I got there, but a little later on — and it’s this poet, his name is Shane Koyczan, and he… It’s called, “To This Day,” and it’s just this amazing poem and it’s, like, talking about being bullied and about all these different mental issues that people have and how other people see it versus how it really is. It just really helped me through some rough times.”

“When I was diagnosed, it was relieving,” Maggie continues. “At least I know there’s actually something wrong and I’m not just some, you know, crazy kid. It was also really scary because with that you have to go through medications, and you have to go through training. I think that coping with it is a lot easier now because I have; it’s been a while now and I know how to deal with it, but being bipolar definitely affects my everyday life; the littlest things can set me off, the littlest things can make me upset — you just kind of have to tell yourself that it’s normal, like, ‘you’re fine.'”

“If you are going through those feelings or going through something, I think you should definitely talk to someone,” she adds. “Just someone you trust and definitely not isolating yourself — isolating is, like, the worst thing you can do. Honestly, I think getting help was the best thing I ever did.”

For more from Maggie, watch the video here.
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