10 Times Magazines Were Accused of Photoshopping Stars to Have Lighter Skin

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It’s no secret that magazines Photoshop celebrities every single day. We’re used to seeing celebrities slimmed down, toned up and sporting much larger breasts than normal. We’re used to seeing digitally created thigh gaps and ridiculous fails that should have never been printed. And unfortunately, we’re also becoming used to seeing black celebrities look like they have lighter skin on the cover of a magazine.

The March 2015 issue of InStyle featuring Kerry Washington (more on that in a minute) has everyone talking about the alleged use of white-washing in popular magazines and advertisements. Although many mags deny that they purposely lightened the skin of a celebrity, it’s very obvious that something funky was going on behind the scenes. You can’t deny that the below pictures have been altered in some way.

The question is this: Are magazine editors purposely lightening the skin of darker celebrities, or is photography to blame? In a long and well-researched piece on Buzzfeed, photographer Syreeta McFadden goes into detail about how photography has an “inherited bias” against dark skin. When color film was first developed, the technician “worked off a reference card with a perfectly balanced portrait of a pale-skinned woman.” Some professional photographers still use film today, and although some of it has been altered, choosing the proper lighting for a dark skinned woman still seems to be an issue. Take this picture as a perfect example of lighting issues:

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