Madonna’s Daughter Lola Has Her Own Lingo

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Madonna was dubbed a “material girl” in the ’80s, but her teenage daughter Lourdes “Lola” Leon has totally taken over the title with her hilariously addictive style blog aptly titled, you guessed it, Material World.

You can learn a lot of Lola, from new must-download bands to movies everyone needs to see. But the best thing to pick up from Lola? Her very own lingo. Here are five new words to learn and love. Think of them as SAT vocab that you won’t be embarrassed to use.

1. watsupp, adj.: a variation of “what’s up,” slang for cool; “I’m writing this blog entry while listening to “The Fruit Bats”, they’re chill, def check them out if you guys get the chance. Also, I really like The XX and Feist, Feist are WATSUPP.”

2. depressor, adj.: causing sad feelings of gloom and inadequacy; “So the weather this week in NYC has been so amazingly DEPRESSOR!!! It’s like major rainfallness.”

3. zorse, adj.: inspiring awe; “So umm yeah….. the material girl event was a few weeks ago. REPRESENT!! It was ZORSE (=awesome)!!!!!”

4. motta, n.: mother, woman who raises a child; “well first my motta and I walked on this pink carpet for like a zillion years and did a bajillion interviews.”

5. mad fierce, adj.: very, very cool; “this guy Xavier just arrived on the dance floor in a kilt, yo he was mad fierce.”