5 People That Would Perform At Halftime If We Had Our Way

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So you’ve heard the news that Madonna, the Queen of Pop, will be performing at today’s Halftime show during the Super Bowl. And as excited we are to watch Madge sing three old songs and one new song (she promised!), we kinda wish the major American event was a little bit more, we dunno, teen-friendly? Not that last year’s Black Eyed Peas Halftime show wasn’t good (jk, it sucked), but if we had a say, we’d rather see these people perform at the big game:

Come on. It’s been almost a month since Beyonce gave birth to Blue Ivy Carter. She’s obviously ready to get back into performance mode, right? We think a mash-up of “Run the World (Girls)” and a ballad like “I Was Here” would be perfection for Lady B.


Rumor has it that these dudes will be performing with Madonna at the show, but that’s just nonsense. Everyone knows they’re nowhere near famous enough for that. But regardless, we’d love to see Redfoo and SkyBlu rock the Super Bowl stage. It’d be awesome and you know it.

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Katy Perry
“East Coast represent, and put your hands up!” Katy could just slightly change the lyrics to “California Girls” to appease the New York/Boston fans, making her the perfect choice for halftime. And besides, her hair’s blue right now so she’s already got the team spirit thing happening.

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Lady Gaga
Since Gaga somehow manages to top herself with every performance, we would just about die to see what she would come up with when it came to the biggest event of them all — the Super Bowl. Plus, Gaga’s a native New Yorker, so she’d be on Team Giants. Just a bonus, if you ask us.

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Justin Bieber
Ok, fine, he’s not even American. But not even non-beliebers can deny that the Biebs would put every single other previous halftime show to shame. He’d dance, he’d sing, he’d make us all swoon Usher his special guest. Let’s petition this for 2013, people!

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Which of these acts would you most want to see perform halftime? Who else that’s not on the list would be awesome? And will you be watching Madonna’s performance tonight? We wanna know!

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