OMG, Look! It’s Madison Bray, The Younger Version of Rebecca Black! (Video)

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First there was Rebecca Black. And then Lexi St. George. And now there’s Madison Bray, yet another kid being exploited made “famous” by Ark Music Factory. Except unlike her predecessors, Madison is only 9. As in 9 years old. You’re probably like, “What does a 9-year-old even have to sing about?” And the answer to that is “Girl Swag.” Duh. Not too sure why she’s singing in the song about “keys to my beemer” considering she’s not even close to driving but, um, we’ll go with it.

Now this video you’re gonna have to see…

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What do you think of Madison? Is she actually kinda cute? Or are you kind of over this whole random-kids-making-music-videos thing? Tell us in the comments!