A Shady Pic is Making People Think a YouTube Star’s Cheating on Her Viner BF

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Madison Beer and Jack Gilinsky have one of the most adorable relationships of all time. Although they’re both still teenagers, the musicians just fit well together, ya know? Plus, they ALWAYS kill fans with beyond-heart-warming pictures on social media, making ’em #Goals AF. But even though the 17 and 19 year old seem to have the perfect romance on the outside, they’re definitely not immune to drama.

Jadison spends their life on social media, so people of the Internet basically always pick up on when something shady goes on. Recently, the “All For Love” singer’s friend D Phoenix decided to upload a very interesting picture to Instagram that featured the two looking extremely close; Madison even had her legs draped over his thigh! Oh, and did we mention he not-so-subtly tagged the “How We Livin” crooner, who is off on tour with Jack Johnson, in the shot? He did.


Although her friend quickly deleted the photo, the damage was already done — TONS of Madison’s fans began questioning whether or not she was being faithful to the Viner.


As soon as Justin Bieber’s protege heard about the rumors, she address one of her supporters who was questioning what was going on. The brunette explained that the picture was taken “months ago” as a joke and criticized the double standards she and her BF face.


Apparently, the singer also went on to say, “I was texting Jack! I would NEVER cheat on him or hurt him.”

You tell ’em, girl! #DramaDramaDrama


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