Why Everyone Thinks One of Their Favorite Internet Couples Broke Up

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Despite their young age, Madison Beer and Jack Gilinsky have always had a pretty sold relationship. Sure, there have been some nasty rumors that could’ve been an issue, but the musical duo never seemed to let outside influences affect their love…until now.

Less than three weeks after the 20-year-old was arrested for shoplifting, the world is picking up on clues that he and his 17-year-old bae split. The “All Weekend Long” singer caused some red flags to go up when he tweeted about “jealousy” and “hate.”

While he still follows the teen on on both Twitter and Instagram, fans quickly noticed that she unfollowed him on both social media platforms.

To fuel the fire even FURTHER, Madison also favorited the following tweets from fans, both of which sent her love and support amid all the speculation.

Needless to say, fans are pretty convinced that something is going on between the adorable duo — and it’s not looking good.

Madison and Jack confirmed their relationship in April 2015, but were most likely together since at least the previous January.

Here are 10 things you MUST know about Madison Beer: