Madison Beer Denies That BF Zack Bia’s Cheating Caused Heated Fight

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Couples fight — it’s a fact of life. But when Madison Beer and boyfriend Zack Bia were caught having a screaming match in public a few nights ago, people knew it was more than just an everyday disagreement.

The 19-year-old singer and 22-year-old social media star were photographed outside a Los Angeles restaurant on Monday, July 9, in the throngs of a heated argument. Madison was sobbing as she yelled at Zack and even pushed him before he walked away, leaving her in tears outside.

It’s pretty clear from the pictures that whatever Zadison was fighting about was serious, and people assumed that cheating could’ve been the cause. But the “Home With You” crooner was quick to deny rumors that her boyfriend was unfaithful, tweeting that the fight was caused by something “much much different.”

“I love you guys so much for being so supportive and nice to me but my tweet was irrelevant to our fight,” she said of a tweet about infidelity. “It was a heated moment and argument that happened to be caught on camera sadly. I promise he did not cheat. The argument was over something much much different. I love you.”

The “Home With You” crooner also faced serious backlash because she put her hands on Zack during the argument. And, as you all should know, getting physical with your significant other, even if you’re a girl and he’s a boy, is never okay. Mad defended herself, however, saying that she would never hurt her bae.

Zack also chimed in to defend his girlfriend against people who say she’s abusive.

Mads and Zack briefly unfollowed each other on Instagram, but are now following each other again.