Madison Beer & Brooklyn Beckham Were Seen Kissing, But They’re NOT a Couple

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Madison Beer was seen kissing Brooklyn Beckham, like, five minutes ago, but don’t worry, guys — they’re NOT dating. WTF!? The “Dead” singer recently appeared on AOL Build where she explained what’s really going on between her and the 18-year-old.

“I’m very much single and not ready to mingle,” the brunette beauty explained. “I’m very much focused on my career. I’m just 18 — just trying to navigate my life. And I’m having fun. There are obviously boys that I can crush on and stuff. But I’m very much single.”

Madison did not, however, deny that sparks are definitely flying between her and David Beckham‘s son.

She continued, “I’ve known Brooklyn for years; we’ve been really close and as we’ve gotten older — and I’m newly out of a relationship. We’re definitely, like, crushing on each other, but we’re both very busy. He’s great, though. He’s a cutie, literally one of my best friends.”

Unfortunately, BB is moving to New York soon, so a relationship is “not really realistic” right now because Madz lives in Los Angeles.

“We’re seriously best friends. We hang out every day with our whole group of friends in L.A. together,” she explained. “People are like, ‘Oh no, you guys are definitely dating.’ But he’s moving to New York in two weeks — it’s not really realistic. […] We’re just having fun right now.”

Brooklyn previously dated Chloe Grace Moretz on and off from 2014 to 2016, with the couple calling it quits for the last time in September of that year.

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