6 Good-Looking Guys Madison Beer Has, Quote-Unquote, Dated

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Remember when Madison Beer was known solely for her voice? The 18-year-old was discovered by none other than Justin Bieber and signed to his label Island Records after he found her covers on YouTube. Scooter Braun started managing her, and it seemed like she was on the up and up for awhile. The Long Island native released a single with Cody Simpson in 2014 and a music video for her song “Melodies” that featured The Biebs shortly after.

The logical next step would be an album, right? But that hasn’t been the case. Even though the brunette beauty has been working on something that she says will contain “slow songs, sad songs, happy songs, songs about boys, and songs about being who you are,” we have yet to get a release date. Madison blames the long wait on the fact that if she isn’t 100 percent happy with her tunes, no one else will be, but we just wish she’d get on with it already. We love “Say it To My Face” and “Dead,” but they’re simply not enough.

Because she hasn’t really taken off with her singing career yet, all of Madison’s news coverage lately has less to do with her voice and more to do with her dating life. And what a dating life she’s had! She seems to have a taste for the Internet sensations, but has been spotted with more than just Vine and YouTube stars. The one thing they all have in common? There’s no denying they’re all good looking. But just because the gorgeous guys on her arm have been great to look at doesn’t mean they’re all as perfect as they seem. In the past couple of years alone, she’s been called out for multiple Magcon hookups, verbally abused by a serious boyfriend, and linked to a pair of brothers.

Wondering just who we’re talking about? Take a look for yourself.