Now That T.Swift’s Done With Country, These Girls Will Be Your New Obsession

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Ever since Taylor Swift made the transition from country crooner to pop superstar, we’ve been feeling a bit of a void. Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE 1989 just as much as the rest of the world, but we can’t help but miss the days of cowboy boots, stories told in songs, and a slight twang in her voice. Annnnd that’s where Maddie & Tae come in.

The country duo made up of Madison Marlow and Taylor Dye started their rise to fame in mid 2014 with their hit tunes “Girl in a Country Song” and “Fly,” which were followed up by their first full-length album, Start Here, in August 2015. After becoming more and more well known by fans, the girls have also been recognized by country music organizations and have been nominated for CMT Music Awards, Country Music Association Awards and an Academy of Country Music Awards. YAAASSS!! We love a good case of girl power.

To learn more about Maddie & Tae, check out our exclusive interview below!

Dot Records

Dot Records

The video for “Shut Up and Fish” is hilarious! Where did the idea for that stem from?
Maddie: “It was a true story believe it or not! I went to go stay with Tae in Oklahoma for the summer and we took to of her guy friends out fishing with us and they thought it was more of a date thing. It was super awkward and we didn’t catch a thing!”
Tae: “The song itself tells a pretty visual story, so we wanted our video to just make it come to life even more! We wanted to follow the true story but also put some exaggerated surprises in there like sinking the boat.”

Oh, so the guys in the video are based on real people?!
T: “We actually did take two of our guy friends fishing when we were in Oklahoma… they had no idea what they were doing!”
M: “We made it a little more dramatic than it actually was, but it’s way more fun that way!”

You both definitely get your hands dirty! What was it like filming? Were there any mishaps while shooting?
T: “After shooting the scene where we are laying in the wood with our gully suits on, we stood up and had grass/leaves stuck on us everywhere.. even in our hair! Then the face paint part was pretty intimidating because we had to get it on the first take or else we would’ve had to redo all of our makeup! We did it though! Moments like that we will always remember and will laugh about when watching the video for years to come.”

“Shut Up and Fish” isn’t your only song about gender stereotyping — “Girl In A Country Song” was your first hit! Will your next song have the same funny approach?
M: “We really just write songs we feel. We really don’t try to tackle one subject. We just aim to write music that’s real and truthful so our fans connect with us.”
T: “We will always write songs with a different, comical, role reversal, girl empowerment perspective. That’s just a part of who we are. But we have so much more to say that aren’t any of those things and we want the world to see that! We are not sure what’s next but we can promise you that it will be coming straight from our hearts.”

Disney Channel

Disney Channel

Speaking of your girl-power songs, last year you guest starred on Girl Meets World alongside our favorite kick-butt actress, Rowan Blanchard. What was it like working with her and the rest of the cast?
T: “Rowan is incredibly talented! We’ve watched the show before and love the character she plays so getting to meet her in person was cool. She’s just as sweet as she is on the show. We both grew up LOVING Boy Meets World, and I personally watch Disney channel whenever I can so I freaked when I found out they were making GMW.”

Let’s switch gears a little bit. Last year you kicked off your first headlining tour. What was that like?!
M: “It was honestly magical. We connected on a totally different level with our fans. We played our entire record and had time to tell stories behind the songs and we just loved having that time to connect with them. Our fans showed up and brought this incredible energy I’ve never felt before.”
T: “There’s no feeling like knowing people believe and love what you do. We truly have the best fans and the fact that they showed up to each show for us and sang their hearts out is definitely something we don’t take for granted.”

Is there anything weird or superstitious that you HAVE to do right before getting on stage?
T: “We do a crazy dance with our band that always gets us pumped!”

Live performances are always full of surprises… Were there any embarrassing or awkward on-stage moments?
M: “A fan almost pulled me off stage once and that was a little scary because I totally almost ate it!”

Whoa, that’s intense! Your fans are clearly pretty diehard. What’s the craziest thing a fan has done for you?
M: “We had one fan that made us a bracelet with a sweet bible verse on it and it’s by far my favorite thing a fan has done for me. We also had a fan get us a star! We have a certificate and everything!”
T: “Fans who drive insane amount of hours to come to a show still amazes me. I mean it can get up to 10 hours! That’s loyalty.”

You’re heading back on the road very soon! What can your fans expect to see this time around?
T: “We’re gonna try some new fun covers that hopefully you guys like!”
M: “We are still playing songs off of our first record but vamping it up a little bit. We love adding new musical things and cool moments to our set.”

Is there any other news that you can share with people?
T: “We’ve been really digging into our writing these past couple of months. We want our second record to be even better than the first and filled with more stories our fans can laugh/cry/cruise down the road to.
M: “[We] cannot wait for them to hear the new stuff!!”

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