EXCLUSIVE: Social-Media Star Mackenzie Sol Releases “Laugh (Acoustic)” Video

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Mackenzie Sol‘s “Laugh” was one of our favorite music videos of the summer. After all, it was all about people like you (and us) — the Mackenzie Sol fanatics!

“It’s a video of the fans,” the 17-year-old singer explained to us before the single was released, “and what they do is they send in their videos… My mouth is on the phone singing, and they put it on their mouth.” Here’s an example:

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Since the MV was released in June, it’s hit six-digit views on YouTube, and it’s still on the rise. So, considering its success, you can bet that the social-media star wouldn’t stop there. Today, Mackenzie’s dropping the video for “Laugh (Acoustic)” — exclusively on Clevver.com!

“The reason I’m putting out “Laugh (Acoustic)” is because I feel like since recording the original I have matured so much musically,” MS revealed. “I love the original lyrically, but this acoustic version shows more of who I am as an artist. Recording it was fun — just a jam session in the studio! I was working on new music with my producer, Donnie Lyle, who is amazing and totally gets me, and he played this track, and I just started singing “Laugh” to it. It just happened so naturally and the whole recording was in one take.”

Watch the video above, plus get your piece of “Laugh (Acoustic)” on Spotify, iTunes or Apple Music.
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