Machine Gun Kelly Shades Troye Sivan for Also Calling His Album Bloom

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Fans have been waiting for new music from Troye Sivan for what feels like forever, and we’re finally getting information about when the tunes are coming. The 22-year-old announced yesterday that his upcoming album will be called Bloom, but didn’t give us a release date or any further details. But ya know what? We’ll take what we can get at this point!

While fans are pumped about the upcoming release, rapper Machine Gun Kelly isn’t too thrilled with the title the former YouTube star chose for the CD, because he released one with the same name last year.

“Kinda weird that dude released an entire album called bloom one year after i released an album called bloom,” the 28-year-old tweeted just hours after Troye made the announcement.

Troye has not yet responded to this diss.