People Have Mixed Feelings About MAC Leaving Facial Hair in Its Instagrams

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Okay, you guys… it’s time to get honest with ourselves. Peach fuzz is a totally normal thing to have, so why are beauty brands constantly editing it out of their promotional photos? Well, like us, it seems like MAC Cosmetics is tired of acting like facial hair isn’t a natural part of life, and now they’re doing something about it! How do we know? Well, because they’ve stopped editing peach fuzz out of their Instagram photos!

That’s right, fam! As much as beauty brands would like us to believe that their products will make us look absolutely flawless, the truth of the matter is, even the models in the photos have pores, freckles, pimples and peach fuzz IRL! Unfortunately, many of these brands are so quick to photoshop those details that we never get to see them. Until now, that is!

In recent Instagram posts by MAC Cosmetics, you’ll notice that the company has opted to leave the peach fuzz in, and TBH, it’s kind of refreshing to see a face that looks like, well, a REAL face! See?

As refreshing as it is to see MAC keep the fuzz rather than edit it out, this decision is proving to be a bit controversial. Rather than celebrating the fact that MAC has chosen to embrace facial hair, some followers are not here for it, and they’re sharing their opinions in the comments.

One critic wrote, “Those hairs on upper lips, demand to be plucked. Threading comes before lip painting,” with another person adding, “Wax it darling.” Clearly, some people simply aren’t ready to embrace natural beauty, but other people in the comments are totally here for it, and TBH, we are, too!