Lush Cosmetics May Come Through with an Ariana Grande-Inspired Bath Bomb

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Ever since Ariana Grande released her song “God is a Woman,” we seriously haven’t stopped watching the music video. At this point, we can pretty much all agree that the video is a work of art, and if you’re anything like us, your favorite part was probably when Ari was submerged in a tub of blue and lavender paint.

As it turns out, tons of people on social media felt the exact same way, and ever since, they’ve been trying to recreate the dreamy paint aesthetic themselves with makeup. Now, however, Lush Cosmetics is getting in on the fun because they’ve recently tested out a new “God is a Woman” bath bomb, and NGL, we need it in our lives ASAP.

We mean… how cool is that?!

The video above, which shows the first version of the “God is a Woman” bath bomb, was actually posted by a man named Jack Constantine. Basically, Jack’s the guy that invents and tests potential Lush products behind the scenes, and if all goes well, those products eventually make it onto store shelves.

Of course, in a completely predictable series of events, once Jack posted this video on his Instagram, Arianators freaked TF out. The best part, though, is that the fans weren’t alone because once Ari caught wind of the news, she freaked out too! See?

As you can tell, the first version of the bath bomb has muted colors and doesn’t seem to be an exact replica of Ari’s bath in the music video… or at least not yet. But, Jack did say in the caption that they’d be testing out more versions, so maybe sometime soon we’ll be able to recreate the “God is a Woman” music video from the comfort of our own bathtubs. Ahh… can’t wait!