6 Gorgeous Guys Who Won Over Lupita Nyong’o’s Heart in the Past

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We keep hearing about Lupita Nyong’o — and with good reason! She’s been gracing red carpets all awards season long in gorgeous outfits as she promoted her latest movie, Black Panther. But she isn’t just bringing diversity into the superhero realm! She also spoke up with fellow actor Kumail Nanjiani at this year’s Oscars to support all the Dreamers out there, as she is an immigrant herself. And just a couple weeks ago, she announced her next project — a movie based on Trevor Noah‘s Born a Crime autobiography that she’ll be acting in AND producing!

With so much on her plate, it’s a wonder that the 35-year-old has time for a social life beyond the cameras. But she totally does! Besides having a bunch of friends — who get into fights over tickets to her premieres — she also has had the occasional A-lister on her arm. From co-stars to fellow Oscar winners to guys completely outside of the film industry, she’s scored a lot of good ones over the years. Check ’em out, but good luck keeping your jealousy in check!