The Thirst! 5SOS Guy’s GF Leaks Private Bedroom Pics…and Gets Attacked for It

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There comes a time in every (failing) relationship where warning signs are just too blatant to ignore. Selena Gomez learned the hard way, Perrie Edwards learned the hard way, and now, it seems that 5 Seconds of Summer’s Luke Hemmings is about to deal with the realization that his girlfriend is pretty darn problematic.

The 19-year-old Aussie has been dating social-media sensation Arzaylea for a few months now and, you know the drill — 5SOS fans immediately didn’t like her; that’s expected when one of the most sought-after guys on the planet is suddenly taken. But as time has gone on, the last-nameless girl has done some things that are really effing questionable, including — wait for it — sending private pictures of her and Luke in a bedroom to fans, as well as leaking their text messages. We have to say it: THE THIRST IS SO REAL IT’S DEHYDRATING!

Here’s what happened: Apparently, Arzaylea was sick of fans questioning her relationship with Luke, so she did the only reasonable thing — shut them up by direct messaging them her personal images of her BF.

And as if that wasn’t enough to make you seriously question the girl’s motives, ALSO exposed were various text conversations between her and Luke…

…annnnnd her and her friends, talking about becoming acquainted with the 5SOS boys.

The secondhand embarrassment is off the charts. If these texts are legit, we physically cannot even process right now. *cringes forever* As soon as fans got wind of what Arz apparently did, they went off the effing wall. No only was the brunette clearly doing something to throw their relationship in the 5SOSFam’s faces, but she also disrespected Luke and his desire for privacy in the process.

To which Arzaylea replied…

…annnnd Luke said:

WHEW. This is just as tiring as watching a 5-hour tennis match. Don’t get us wrong, it’s NEVER okay to cyber bully someone, but NGL, Arzaylea is at least partially at fault here. Annnnd so is Luke for passive aggressively chiming in. Oh, to be young and famous…

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