According to Arzaylea, Luke Hemmings is Actually the One Who Cheated

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It’s been about four months since the rumors that Arzaylea cheated on Luke Hemmings with Blackbear first started swirling. While the 5 Seconds of Summer guy has seemingly moved on from the messy AF relationship, it took the 22-year-old this long to start up drama once again. And boooooy, let us tell you — she WENT IN on the Australian.

A source previously told us that the social media star was unfaithful to the 21-year-old multiple times, but, according to the brunette herself, it was actually LUKE who cheated. We’re not sure what set her off yesterday, but she made some pretty serious allegations on one of her ex’s Instagram pictures.

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Arz also claimed that Michael Clifford‘s girlfriend, Crystal Leigh, is the one who ran a Twitter account dedicated to ~exposing~ her.

The “Girls Talk Boys” singer’s ex-girlfriend said she’s been collecting ~evidence~ for quite some time now, and will reveal the “whole story…soon.”

At one point in her rant, Arzaylea also wrote, “The racism, judgement and homophobia that happens in that group [is] disgusting.” 5SOS fans were obviously extremely upset by this allegation (along with other things, of course), but she clarified that she didn’t mean LUKE is those things, but rather his crew.

And when that same girl questioned why this has anything to do with the blond, she said:

Luke hasn’t yet publicly responded to his ex-bae’s claims, but he DID post a picture from a recent 5SOS concert with the caption, “This is all that matters.”

Drama, drama, drama!