9 Ways Luke Hemmings is #Thriving Since the Arzaylea Breakup

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By now, it’s more than obvious that 5 Seconds of Summer frontman Luke Hemmings and self-proclaimed Internet influencer Arzaylea‘s relationship is officially over. The former couple’s affair, which began in mid-2015 and lasted over a year and a half, was messy from the start, but the breakup finally came after the 22-year-old allegedly cheated on the 21-year-old with rapper Blackbear in April 2017. Not gonna lie, we figured the Larzaylea drama was over, especially after the singer was seen with model Nadia Mejia a couple weeks ago, but BOY were we wrong.

The brunette recently went on an Instagram rant that claimed the 5SOS guy was actually the cheater, as well as used cocaine, hired escorts, etc. Yep — unfortunately, it looks like the dramz is far from dunzo. Whether you loved Arz and Luke together, or were not-so patiently waiting for them to go their separate ways, we think everyone can agree on one thing — the young stars are probably better apart.

Now, onto more important things. We’re sure you’re wondering what Luke’s been up to these past few months, right? Is he heartbroken, moping around and desperately trying to come up with ways to win Arzaylea back? Is he living life as a young, hot rockstar, not sweating this one bump in the romance road? Well, it sure looks like he’s leaning toward the latter.

While Arzaylea is going through…something…as told by her recent ~strange~ Instagram captions, the blond is seemingly unbothered by his newfound independence. It’s not like we know Luke personally or anything (one can only dream, ya know?), but from our perspective (meaning, following him on every social media page), he’s currently living his best life — and we’re SO here for it. There’s nothing better than seeing someone thrive after heartache, so to celebrate the “Girls Talk Boys” crooner’s obvious happiness, we’ve compiled a list of ways he’s been #thriving since becoming a single man.