Arzaylea’s BFF Says Luke Hemmings and the Instagram Star Still Love Each Other

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The end of Luke Hemmings‘ relationship with Arzaylea Rodriguez was not pretty…at least, that’s what we’re assuming. A source close to the brunette told us that she cheated on the 5 Seconds of Summer guy multiple times during their almost 2-year romance, which ultimately led to their breakup at the end of April.

“Arzaylea was cheating on Luke the entire time,” the source said. “[She cheated with Blackbear] and others. […] But mostly Bear.”

While you may assume that the 21-year-old is not on good terms with the 22-year-old right now, Arz’ best friend, Lindsay Demeola, says otherwise.

Yesterday, a fan used Tumblr to ask the YouTube star, “Did Luke and Arzaylea really love each other?”

The anonymous user assumed that Linds wouldn’t respond (TBH, that’s what we would’ve thought, too), but that didn’t end up being the case. According to the curly haired girl, Luke and Arzaylea were not only in love while they were dating, but STILL love each other to this day.

“Anyone who thinks they didn’t/don’t still actually love each other is batsh*t insane,” she replied.


Ummm…seeing as the social media star allegedly lied to the 5SOS singer about going home “because her family dog died” so she could secretly go “on tour with Bear” AND the fact that basically everyone close to him unfollowed her immediately after the cheating rumors started, we don’t think the assumption that Luke isn’t the biggest fan of Arzaylea anymore is “batsh*t insane” at all. The former couple does have a dog named Petunia together, however, so they are kinda forced to remain civil to ~co-parent~, if you will.

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