Luke Hemmings’ Shady Insta Proves His Relationship is Hardcore F*cked Up

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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are widely known as the young celebrities who have the most confusing relationship of all time, but we think people are actually mistaken. Taking a look back on Luke Hemmings’ romance with social-media star Arzaylea, we think it’s safe to say their love is just (if not even a little more) effed up than Jelena’s.

A few months ago, the 21 year old leaked private bedroom pictures of herself and the 5 Seconds of Summer lead singer, and let’s just say no one was too happy with her. Even though many 5SOS fans thought the incident would be the final straw leading to their split, they apparently got over whatever drama was going and were recently seen looking happy as ever. But now Luke’s on tour in Europe, and something fishy went down between the two, ’cause the shade just got SO real.

It all started when Arzayla posted a picture of the two of ’em together, which she obviously knew would stir up some serious ish in the 5SOS fandom, along with some ~interesting~ tweets.



BUT WAIT! It gets better. In addition to thousands of fans commenting on the pic, the 5SOS lead singer wrote his own note expressing the same emotion that thousands of other were feeling in the moment:


Arzaylea’s brother and friends then decided to weigh in on the situation, seemingly mocking the singer.

Interesting… apparently, the 19 year old thought so too, ’cause he uploaded his own picture that was coincidentally very similar to that of his GF’s.


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What the legit heck is going on?! Both Luke and Arzaylea were quiet on the relationship-drama front for a couple days, but things got even MORE confusing when the brunette went and liked three of the Aussie’s pictures, and Luke liked her most recent selfie.

NGL, we’re EXHAUSTED and we aren’t even involved in this relationship. As we said many times, we don’t know what this means for Larzaylea. Maybe drama is just their thing? But no matter what the case actually is, it seems like her thirst has still not been quenched…*devil Emoji* *no mouth Emoji* *sunglasses Emoji* *eye roll Emoji*

Luke’s relationships weren’t always this effed up…