Fans Strongly Believe That Beauty and the Beast Fave is Back with Ex-Boyfriend

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The success of Beauty and the Beast isn’t the only thing one particular actor from the Disney movie has to celebrate — the star also recently rang in his or her birthday, and may or may not be back together with a special someone. While you could easily think that we’re talking about Emma Watson, considering she rang in her 27th year of living on April 15, it’s actually one of her hunky co-stars we’re referring to this time. And that hunky co-star is… Luke Evans.

Coincidentally, the man who portrayed Gaston in the live-action adaptation is also born on April 15. So, he took the time to ring in his 38th birthday with some very important people. Unfortunately, he mentioned that there was one person absent from the celebration. “What an amazing bunch of people,” he captioned a picture of himself with some pals in Budapest. “Thank you for an amazing birthday. Just missing one special someone…you know who you are,” along with a kiss emoji.

And fans suspect that the person in question is Jon Kortajarena, the 31-year-old Spanish model/actor whom Luke dated from 2014 to 2015. 1. ’cause he’s not in the photograph, even though 2. he shared a birthday post for Luke on his Instagram story and was 3. actually on that Budapest trip, where Luke’s been filming one of his upcoming projects. Jon even reportedly posted then deleted some snapshots from the trip on his story.

You’re playing coy with us, gentlemen.
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