23 Insanely Raunchy Tweets to Lucy Hale that’ll Make You Freak the Eff Out

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Aria Montgomery has had quite a few sexy moments on Pretty Little Liars; no one’s trying to deny that. But for some reason, it seems that Lucy Hale’s on-screen actions have opened up a whole world of inappropriate messages from her most hardcore fans.

Like basically every other star, both men and women alike, the 25-year-old actress can’t go a day without opening her Twitter account and finding some seriously raunchy notes. Like, if you wanna cringe from secondhand embarrassment, you’re going to want to keep reading.

1. Well, that’s one way to give a compliment…

2. How blunt.

3. There are more reasons to watch!

4. You’re excused.


6. Anyone sign?

7. Thanks for the info!

8. We mean…she TOTALLY rocks the short hair…

9. That escalated quickly!

10. And so did this!

11. HIGHLY doubt this is true:

12. Clearly you’re a big fan!

13. BRB gagging.

14. Why is this a thing?

15. This, too…

16. Interesting observation.

17. Wouldn’t that hurt?

18. WHY?!



19. Ummmm….

20. Thank you?

21. Started off positive, ended weird.

22. What ever happened to water?!

23. Oh jeeze!

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