Lucy Hale on Her New Music, Eating Disorder & Moving on From Chris Zylka

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Clearly, Seventeen magazine really loves Pretty Little Liars. (Not that we’re complaining.) The show hasn’t even begun its fourth season, but already three of its stars have covered the magazine more than a handful of times. It all started with Lucy Hale on the June/July 2011 issue. Now, it’s coming back to the pint-sized Little Liar once again exactly two years later. Except this time, it’s focused on her life outside of the ABC Family drama…

Lucy Hale Seventeen Magazine June/July Cover

In her interview with the glossy publcation, Lucy reminisces over her life post-eating disorder: “I’m so unbelievably lucky that I’m not like that anymore because it is a horrible way of life and it’s miserable. It consumes everything you think about and you can’t pursue things you want to do… I used to spend so many wasted days being depressed and feeling gross… I learned you have to be happy. People who are the happiest are the most beautiful.”

Then there’s the matter of her dating life after her not-so-friendly break-up with Chris Zylka: “I was just telling [my best friend] the other day that I don’t know what it’s going to take for me to want to date someone again. It just seems so exhausting. When I like someone, I fall really hard and I invest everything. When it’s gone, I’m like ‘I’m never doing that again!'”

On a more positive note, the PLL star may be headed for country music glory: “My album is something I’m really, really, really proud of. I’ve intentionally been quiet about it because I want the music to speak for itself. People are either going to love it or hate it. But I think that once they hear it, they’ll be like, ‘Okay, she loves this and is serious about it.’ This is my pride and joy — it’s my baby! I worked my butt off on it.”

For more on Lucy’s interview, go to Seventeen.com or pick up the June/July issue of Seventeen, on newsstands May 21st.

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