Lucy Hale: The Girls in Hollywood — And Rosewood– Have It Pretty Tough.” No Duh (Exclusive Video)

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It’s only a few more short weeks until Pretty Little Liars comes back to our tubes with season 2, and OMG we can’t wait. And after chatting it up with Lucy Hale about what’s to come for Aria and the rest of the girls in Rosewood, we’re pretty sure the next season will be even better than the first. As if that was possible.

So, has Lucy ever kept a secret from her parents, a la Aria? Will there be a PLL music ep a la Glee? And which rumors are worse – the ones in Hollywood or the ones in Rosewood? Click on for our exclusive Q&A!

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Are you excited for season 2 of PLL? What’s the biggest secret you’ve ever kept from your parents? Tell us in the comments!