Happy Birthday, Lucy Hale! Celebrate With 10 GIFs of Her Being Her Adorable Self

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Happiest of birthdays to Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale! Ever since she started out on PLL three years ago as the edgy Aria Montgomery, she’s managed to solidify herself as one of our fave celebs. Whether it’s one of her sassy Twitter musings, or a hilarious Instagram snap, we feel like the (newly) 24-year-old would fit perfectly into our circle of friends.

So, to celebrate Lucy’s big day, we compiled 10 GIFs of her just being her adorable self. (OK, so we might have thrown some Aria ones in there too, but come on, it’s pretty much the same thing.) Check them out below

1. Who? Little ol’ me? Just laughing and looking glam, nothing to see here.


 2. Another laughing GIF, but this time she’s cracking up with her PLL co-star Ashley Benson!


3. How gorgeous is Lucy’s hair?


4. Even when she’s annoyed, she manages to keep it cute.


5. The feather sort of dates this pic (remember that trend?!), but Lucy definitely was able to pull it off!


6. Again — how flawless is Lucy’s hair?


7. Aw, Lucy we know you’re morning Ezria, but don’t cry — it’s your birthday!


8. Much better. No one can pull off an animal print sweater quite like Aria!


9. It’s no secret how much we love Lucy!


10. So we hope she has an amazing day!


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