Chris Zylka Tweets About Break Up with Lucy Hale

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After what seemed like a blissful 8 months together, Lucy Hale and Chris Zylka split up. (Guess they’re not the pretty little couple everyone thought they were.) The proof: the Secret Circle/Amazing Spider-Man star has been tweeting about it — and not even vaguely — nonstop to all of his followers since September 14. And it doesn’t look like he’s going to stop anytime soon.

From the looks of it, Lucy was the one who did the hard part and called it off (a la Aria with Noel). And just in case he decides to delete the incriminating evidence, we screenshotted the proof:


This news comes hot on the heels of Lucy’s cover spread in the September 2012 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine, where she completely opened up about her once happy relationship with Chris. She said of her instant attraction to him, “I was like, ‘Holy crap you’re gorgeous!’ It was like no one else was there. We couldn’t stop talking.”

More recently, though, she’s been less talkative about her affiliation with Chris, and more vocal about the other good-looking men in her life, including Colton Haynes and Ian Harding. On September 15, just one day after Chris began revealing his heartbreak on the Internet, Lucy tweeted, “So happy to see this one @coltonhaynes” along with a picture of her with the Teen Wolf heartthrob. And since it was Ian’s birthday that day, she also gave him a shout-out on the social media site: “Happy birthday to the greatest and most darling @IAMHARDING Adore you!!!”

Does one have to do with the other? Not necessarily. But since Chris mentioned that Lucy felt she was “too good” for him, you never know…

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