Lucy Hale Forced to Apologize After She Fat-Shames HERSELF

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Body-shaming is, unfortunately, something that almost automatically comes with being a celebrity. Stars are told they’re too fat, or too skinny, or BOTH, by their peers, competitors, business partners, etc., almost daily. Lucy Hale is no stranger to being criticized, but the person who recently attacked her body was someone you’d never expect — the actress herself.

The Pretty Little Liars celebrated Father’s Day by posted a throwback picture of herself and her dad with the caption, “You taught me to have soul. I love you daddy.” Sweet, right?

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The problem, however, came when the 28-year-old replied to comment made by hair stylist Scotty Cuna by saying, “Ugh I was so fat.”

These five words immediately sparked a major debate, especially since Lucy looked stunning and healthy in the photo. Fans were concerned because if the brunette thought she was “fat” in the shot, she clearly doesn’t have a good image of her body. The ladies of The View spoke about the situation the next day, with host Joy Behar stating, “She fat-shamed herself.”

Lucy eventually realized the error in her ways and publicly apologized for making such a brash comment.

Remember — all bodies are beautiful!

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