A Pretty Little Liars Actress and Her Longtime Bae Called it Quits

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Pretty Little Liars isn’t the only thing that’s coming to an end for Lucy Hale. Apparently, the 27-year-old actress and her boyfriend of almost two years, Anthony Kalabretta, have decided to go their separate ways.

Entertainment Tonight confirmed the news, but didn’t give reason for the breakup. A source told them, however, “She became a homebody when they were dating. They stayed in a lot. She really loved him.”

Fans started to get suspicious that something bad was going on between the couple when they unfollowed each other on social media and started deleting pictures from their respective pages. Classic move, TBH.

Lucy and Anthony were first seen together back in June 2015 when they attended a Los Angeles Dodgers game, and were basically inseparable from that point on. There were rumors that the couple broke up early last year, but the PLL star quickly shot them down on Twitter.

So far, neither celeb has spoken out about this set of breakup rumors, so we guess we’ll just have to wait to see if they’re really done with each other for good.

Like Lucy, these stars also deleted all traces of the ex from social media: