Umm, Lucy Hale Plans to “Run This Town” with This Song? (First Listen!)

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The first single from the newest take on A Cinderella Story was just released, and, uh, let’s just say we’ve got a few opinions on it already. “Run This Town,” as it’s improperly called, is sung by one of our fave PLL ladies, Lucy Hale. And we know the girl can def sing, but, seriously, what’s with all the the obnoxious auto-tune?

Ehh, maybe we’re just so used to hearing other auto-tuned artists (:cough: Ke$ha) that our ears are a little exhausted. Listen to “Run This Town” and tell us what you think!

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What do you think of the new Cinderella single? Do you think they altered Lucy’s voice too much? Be honest and tell us your thoughts!