YouTube Star Lucas Dobre and Girlfriend Ivanita Lomeli Break Up

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While some YouTube couples are busy getting engaged, others unfortunately aren’t as lucky. Lucas Dobre and Ivanita Lomeli officially started dating back in March and, while they were happy together, recently made the tough decision to break up.

“The reason why is because we just felt like it was a lot of commitment in both of our lives again and it’s really busy,” the 19-year-old YouTuber explains through tears. “She still has to finish her school and she might have more years of school and it’s not really possible. And especially with me, like how I’m on tour and I’m doing all these videos and stuff, it’s difficult for both of us.”

lucas dobre ivanita lomeli break up

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The twin adds that while he and the 20-year-old are no longer together they’re still “really close friends” and “have nothing against each other.”

“Maybe in the future if God wants us together we’ll find our way back,” Ivanita says directly to her ex-boyfriend.

The Instagram star calls her 7-month romance with Lucas “the most happiest months of my life.”

Lucas and Ivanita promise that they will always support each other in whatever they do and, of course, watch each other’s videos on YT (lol).

It’s pretty clear that the former Team 10 member is super upset over the split, but we know his twin brother, Marcus, there to help him get through it. Check out the full breakup vid above.