The Top 20 Lowest-Rated Disney Channel Original Movie Premieres

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Disney Channel

We still remember how amazing it once felt when we found out that a new Disney Channel Original Movie was in the works and our fave DC star was going to appear in it. We may or may not have thrown multiple viewing parties when a new DCOM premiered and watched the movie over and over again until we had every line memorized. Nothing is better than when a film is better than you could have expected and goes on to have massive success, but it’s just as bad when the movie falls flat.

As much as we LOVED looking back at all of the highest-rated DCOMs, we simply had to do the same for the opposite end of the spectrum. Disney Channel has produced over 100 Original Movies, and we rounded up the ones with lowest-rated premieres and we are having some serious nostalgia. We’re sure there are others that would have made the cut, but they’re so old that we don’t have any information on them! Some of these definitely belong on the list but we were shocked to see others.