The Top 20 Worst-Performing Animated Disney Movies at the Box Office

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Whenever we find out that Walt Disney Animation Studios is releasing a new movie, we can’t help but get excited. The films are guaranteed to make us cry and laugh and it feels like it’s impossible for them to create a flick that isn’t a box-office success. We often equate Disney and Pixar to each other due to their incredible team efforts on making some of the biggest animated movies, but Walt Disney Animation Studios has some created some of the best features on its own.

We loved looking at which Walt Disney Animation Studios production has brought in the largest amount of money ever, but there were some MAJOR films missing from the list. It made us wonder how well other Disney films have done over the years, so we decided to look up which Disney movies performed the WORST at the box office. Brace yourselves, because some of our favorite Disney flicks are on this list and we can’t believe that they didn’t bring in more cash!