One of Your Fave YouTubers Has Been in a Relationship for Weeks & You Had No Idea

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When Louise Pentland aka SprinkleOfGlitter on YouTube announced that she and her then-husband Matt Watson were splitting in 2014, Sprinklerinos everywhere were devastated. Although the YT star said she and her ex were “on extremely good terms, actually,” her fans wanted to be sure that she really was okay and would still be the happy, bubbly person that they came to adore. Thankfully, Louise and Matt have done an amazing job and co-parenting their daughter Darcy, and both seem incredibly content with life. In fact, the 30 year old has seemed a bit more smitten than usual lately, and we now know why — the British beauty has a new boyfriend!

Louise made the announcement on her vlogging channel last week, but people have since been constantly discussing the news and trying to uncover the identity of her mystery man who “is not interested in this #TeamInternet life.”

“I have had a boyfriend now since the end of January. He’s really nice and he has a great job — it’s like a normal job — he goes to an office most days of the week. He’s really fun and funny.”

But although the blonde is clearly smitten with her new beau, she’s not planning on plastering him all over her YouTube channels any time soon.

“He won’t be in my vlogs, really. I’m sure you might see his hand or his foot or hear him in the background, but he’s not going to be a big feature of the vlogs at all. He’as not on social media and the accounts that he does have are all set to private, so please don’t try and stalk him on those. I do just want to keep him a little bit…protected is the wrong word…but…I’m not shutting you out, but I am keeping it semi-private.”

Even though Louise’s followers won’t be meeting the new man in her life in the foreseeable future, he has been introduced to some of her family and friends, and while he hasn’t met her daughter yet, she does know about him.

“I’ve introduced him to one of my Aunties and some of my friends and I’ve met some of his friends and some of his family, too,” she wrote on her blog. “Everyone likes everyone so that’s a relief! He and Darcy haven’t met yet but she knows he’s about. Darcy has had a big year and I think it would be best to take baby steps and keep everything gentle and easy for her.

We’re so happy for Louise!!

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