A YouTube Star Has Had a Secret Bae for MONTHS and You Had No Idea

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The last time Louise Pentland announced she was in a relationship, she did it weeks after she initially starting dating her then-bae. It seems that the 31-year-old YouTube star is quite fond of this method, as she recently revealed she’s been seeing a new guy for — wait for it — MONTHS!

“I’ve got a boyfriend; there you go. I’ve said it,” she started a new video all about her new boyfriend. “He’s lovely. He’s wonderful. I haven’t deliberately been hiding him for a long time — we’ve been seeing each other for a few months now — but it wasn’t really the right time. Now I feel a lot more comfortable and secure in it all. Fingers crossed this one doesn’t dump me two weeks after I make the video!”

While the woman behind the super-successful Sprinkle of Glitter channel didn’t want to give the world TOO much information about her new love, she did discuss five fun facts about him, including that his name is Liam, he’s 39 (making him eight years older than the YouTuber), he’s super strong, and he likes to make inappropriate jokes.

As she said last time, she wanted her viewers to know about this life update because she doesn’t want to have to hide him or awkwardly make excuses in her daily vlogs. But while she’s comfortable being open about her new romance, poeple shouldn’t expect to see him as much has they see her online.

“I don’t want to splash him about. I’m not going to be putting tons of pictures all over social media or anything like that.”

Most importantly, Louise is “really happy” and “in love” right now, which is exactly what her fans have wanted for her for so long. Congrats!


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