A YouTube Star and Her Boyfriend Broke Up Weeks Ago and You Had No Idea

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Although Louise Pentland a.k.a. Sprinkle of Glitter started dating her boyfriend in January, she’s kept their romance extremely private. That being said, the lack of updates about her relationship left the door open for fans to constantly question how things were going with the mystery man. But you know what they say — don’t ask unless you want to know the answer.

Unfortunately, the 31-year-old YouTube star revealed in a teary video that she got broken up with “a few weeks ago” and is currently single.

“Long story short, I got dumped and it felt really s*it and for a day… I came home on my sofa and cried,” she said.

But even though Louise was clearly upset about the breakup, she confirmed that she still remains friends with her ex and has no hard feelings.

“He’s entitled to his opinions and he’s entitled to have his own fears and concerns and preferences for his lifestyle and my lifestyle and the things in my life didn’t really match up to what he’s looking for. And he’s entitled to that, whether I agree with it or not.”

Moving forward, the blonde beauty isn’t sure how she wants to proceed with updating viewers on her relationships, because her pride took a hit and she doesn’t “want to share the hard things.”

While Louise was initially worried about people judging her for getting “rejected,” she was happily surprised that her Sprinklerinos stood by her side and said everyone has been in her situation at some point.

We wish Louise nothing but happiness in the future!


While these YT pairs filmed videos after breaking up, it doesn’t look like Louise will be doing the same: