THIS IS NOT A DRILL — One of Your Favorite YouTube Stars is Pregnant!

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Louise Pentland, better known as Sprinkle of Glitter on YouTube, made a video titled “My New Baby!!” earlier today. When we first saw the upload in our subscription box, we immediately thought one thing — clickbait. While the 32-year-old did start by talking about her new book, Wilde Like Me, which comes out at the end of the month, she shocked us all by also announcing that she’s actually freakin’ pregnant!

“I have been so desperate to tell you for so long, but I wanted to wait,” she exclaimed.

The beauty guru is “between 11 and 12 weeks pregnant,” meaning that the baby will arrive in early January 2018, and she and her boyfriend Liam are “thrilled.”

The blonde is already the mother to 6-year-old Darcy, whom she had with ex-husband Matt Watson. As expcted, the little girl is SO excited to have a sibling, even if it’s a boy. LOL!!

She continued, “It’s such happy news for us! We’re just thrilled. […] I hope that you are happy for us, as well.”

You can watch the YouTuber’s entire exciting announcement below:

We are SO excited for Louise and Liam and cannot wait to meet #BabyPentland!

This is the second time Louise made a pregnancy announcement on YouTube! Here are other beauty gurus who did the same: