Louise Pentland Apologizes for Revealing Her Unborn Baby’s “Gender”

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While some YouTubers (*cough* Jake Paul *cough*) are problematic AF, others tend to mind their own business and stay out of trouble — Louise Pentland, better known as Sprinkle of Glitter online, definitely falls in the latter category. However, the 32-year-old found herself at the center of some controversy when she posted a video revealing her unborn baby‘s gender, which many said was unfair to assume.

In her most recent YouTube video, the British beauty filmed herself finding out that her second child is a girl (she already has a 6-year-old daughter named Darcy), as well as telling her boyfriend, Liam, and her friends and family. Louise was SO excited about the news that she was moved to tears, but her joy quickly turned sour when she realized people were upset that she used the term “gender,” when she really found out the baby’s sex.

One person wrote to her on Twitter, “What if they don’t have a gender? Or a fluid one? Maybe you could let them decide when they grow up!”

Another said, “Sex is biological. Gender means ‘the state of being male or female used with reference to social and cultural differences.’

While Louise didn’t necessarily agree with the criticism, she apologized for offending anyone and assured people that if her child turns out to identify with a different gender/no gender/multiple genders/etc., she will be supportive no matter what.

Louise’s baby is due in January 2018.