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Louis Tomlinson Has Some Surprising Thoughts on Bieber’s Canceled Tour

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Take off those sunglasses, because the shade is rollin’ in! Louis Tomlinson just shared his thoughts on Justin Bieber canceling his Purpose tour, and it’s definitely not what you were expecting.

It’s been a couple weeks since Justin announced that he would, in fact, not be completing his Purpose World Tour, which started back in May 2016, and many have supported the singer, who went on record saying his reason for leaving his tour simply came down to “exhaustion.” Now another voice is speaking out, and that voice might not be as empathetic.

Louis sat down with Amp Radio and when asked what he thought about Justin canceling his tour, had a very surprising answer. “Obviously, you have to be in a good position mentally, but I also think, to a certain degree, when you’re signing up to something, you should see it through,” he said.

On the other hand, some celebs came to Justin’s defense when choosing to discontinue his tour, like John Mayer, who immediately took to Twitter the moment news of Justin’s decision made headlines, to defend the singer and offer encouragement after fans became extremely upset over the news:

While it was no surprise Bieber actually did need a break, Louis stayed adamant on the fact that making a commitment to your fans comes first and foremost. “There’s never enough that I can say or do for the fans,” the singer said. “At the end of the day, it’s the people who are buying the records that are putting you where you are.” Can’t argue with that one!