Fans CONVINCED Louis Tomlinson’s New Song Is About Harry Styles

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Directioners, Larry stans, basically anyone who even knows a thing or two about One Direction believe that Louis Tomlinson‘s new song, “Just Like You,” is about none other than Harry Styles. But seriously, is anyone even surprised that fans are convinced that this is the case? We definitely aren’t.

After releasing a brand-new song off of his upcoming album at midnight last night, the singer revealed in a bunch of tweets that he had to actually convince his label to let him drop the song early. Thankfully, the good peeps at the label listened because we probably wouldn’t have heard this gem until the actual album released.

According to Louis, the song is for his fans to get to know him a little better. But, despite what the 25-year-old musician claims the song is about, fans are convinced it’s all about his ~romantic relationship~ with the 23-year-old crooner and that this proves once and for all that LARRY is real.

So where the heck did this notion come from? The fan theory hinges on the fact that Louis’ song title, “Just Like You,” also appears in a line from Harry’s solo song, “From the Dining Table.” In the song Harry sings, “Woke up the girl who looked JUST LIKE YOU. I almost said your name.” Now it has us all questioning if Harry was singing about a girl who looked just like Louis.

However, that isn’t the end of the fan-created theory; it actually gets even better because in Louis’ new song, many believe he’s replying to that line when he sings, “I wanna lay where she lays.”

And you thought the Larry speculation was old news? Nah. It’s running as wild as ever and may be partly due to Harry refusing to label his sexuality when he was asked about it in an interview with The Sun. And while on tour, Harry was seen performing with a rainbow flag and has told fans to wave any flag proudly.

So what’s your take on this Larry update? Do you think “Just Like You” is about the fans or actually about Harry? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!