Louis Tomlinson’s Grandpa Rushes to Elounor’s Defense on Twitter

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Twitter (@iankeithtom)In case you've ever wondered where Louis Tomlinson got his Twitter sass from, look no further than his grandfather, Keith.

This past week, the One Direction lad and girlfriend Eleanor Calder paid a visit to Gpa Tomlinson, and snapped a picture on a garden swing. The elder Tommo then posted the snapshot on his Twitter with the caption "Goodnight disbelievers #sorrylou #sorryel," in reference to the comments he'd seen claiming that his grandson was gay. But it didn't stop there…

Prior to the photo, Keith saw a tweet from a supporter of Larry Stylinson, the fan-concocted relationship between Louis and Harry Styles, in which she calls Lou homosexual. Keith fired back, "What an odious person you are." Then, the sparks flew:

This isn't the first of the 1D guy's family to rush to his defense. Back in September, Louis' sister, Lottie, showed her support for Elounor, referring to some Directioners as "deluded freaks." At the time, she received major backlash for her comment, and has since apologized.

But, in the case of Keith Tomlinson, are you on his (and Louis and Eleanor's side), or are you on Team Larry? Tell us in the comments below, One Direction fans!

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